It’s settled and gone! Arching Kaos reached it’s fully decentralized form. By using the ARCHINGKAOS asset on Stellar network, publishing and retrieval of information has been made possible.

ARCHINGKAOS asset is used as a public database. Tools for publishing and retrieval of information from this kind of database are hosted on a git repository and will be soon published on several places on the internet.

A tool for filtering and showing the mixtapes of Arching Kaos Radio is ready. You find the link on the And it’s gone! article of the blog.

For someone to contribute to the Arching Kaos Radio, it’s necessary to acquire 1 ARCHINGKAOS asset. This is based on trust between the contributors that have already trusted Arching Kaos Radio over the past years.

The procedure to make the contribution needs python, gpg, IPFS and the arching-kaos-infochain toolset.

Support for the system will be provided over the Arching Kaos IRC network.

Whitepaper is on works, you can read it though while it’s been developed by visiting this link.

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