KAOTISKHUND asset announcement

KAOTISKHUND asset is available for sale over the Stellar Network.

If you don’t have a Stellar account, you can create one easily.

You can purchase KAOTISKHUND tokens in order to help the organization grow economically.

You can ask as well for tokens by sending us your Stellar account. Your account then will be on a list for an airdrop.

For now the will be 3 airdrop phases. (updated*)

1. 20 applications for a total of 1 Billion Million
2. 200 for 10 Billions Millions
3. 2000 for 100 Billions Millions
Hence 50,000 KAOTISKHUND for each participant.

The asset is already available for sale.

*Update: There was a downsize on airdrop weight. This happened so the participants would not be able to manipulate the market.


  1. I hope you promoted this coin and project on crypto group via FB, Twitter and other social media. This is will be a good profit if you make 200 people interesting on your project

    1. I am preparing posts for explaining what I am doing here and further promote. At the bottom of the page you can find our social links. Thank you for your interest!

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