Liquidity pools

Hello again! There are pools providing some liquidity for KAOTISKHUND and ARCHINGKAOS assets on Stellar network. You can buy some just to explore the features and get to know the Stellar network.

Why Liquidity pools?

Simply because I will not be able to manage any trades by myself or provide a good system for distributing the tokens.

Whose are the sell orders I see on XLM/KAOTISKHUND pair then?

It appears that somebody found out about the asset early enough so it bought most of the tokens. So there is a whale in there and it’s not me.

How much do the original issuer holds?

A total of almost 2 billion of 926 billion tokens of the KAOTISKHUND asset. This is reserved to make experiments like fund accounts, voting, pay for each commit on the project, etc.

Now, for ARCHINGKAOS tokens, 9999 of a total of 10000, maybe a bit less since the pool is open.

How much should I buy?

0.000001 ARCHINGKAOS is enough for now. Validation of transactions is a part of the project’s social integration.

For KAOTISKHUND you can either buy any amount you like or join the ongoing airdrop to get 50k KAOTISKHUND for free!

Which pairs exist?


Is there anything else?

No idea! If you have questions let us know in the comments below.


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