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Hello after some months of silence on the blog. Thinking about the project, restructuring as it seems more obvious and stable are matters that pull a lot of energy in both understanding and implementing. However, the reasons for a new post are that a new checkpoint, so to say, has been achieved.

A couple of months ago, in the “And it’s gone” article a link was presented with the up to the point progress of the project. There were some flaws on the design that couldn’t ensure the fast access and processing of the data, making older entries unseen. To overcome this, we could either recurse further the transactions of an account or… we could just add a data entry to our account, which in turn could contain some configuration about the account and its contributions. The latter was optimal.

After implementing the tools to contribute to the network with content (see the pages:

are processing the infochain in the background.

There are two modules supported by the websites, “news” and “mixtapes”. Each for usage to add the relative data to the chain.

Also, to participate, you only need to trust the ARCHINGKAOS asset ( GB4QVKD6NW3CSNO5TNPARAWNPPXOPSSTKB35XCWB7PUNBIQTK3DVELB2 ) over the Stellar Network. On-site tools will soon be provided for this as well. No need to buy or exchange, this doesn’t grant anything to you.

More information and documentation will be published as soon as possible. Reach over here with comments, IRC or elsewhere (github, twitter, facebook ) for more information on demand 🙂

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